SMT / SMTD เครื่องมือวัดเกลียวใน


Model - SMT / SMTD เครื่องมือวัดเกลียวใน

        Simple measuring tools for internal threads Although having the same specification with standard gauge, they are differently named as "simple measuring tools for internal threads, SMT/SMTD" because some specifications are specially modified for their own.

         In such important factors on thread measuring as "Simple PD tolerance", "Pitch tolerance" and " Half angle tolerance", they have same specification with that of thread plug gauge. SMT/SMTD, adopting premium HSS, have especially increased their durability.

           SMT(GO/NOT-GO) adopts step threads on its thread end, and can reduce inspection labor, and increase inspection efficiency. Color marks help to tell at a glance GO or NOT-GO. GO and NOT-GO are individually available, which leads the cost reduction. SMTD is a tandem type. Inspection of both GO and NOT-GO can be completed through one time inspection.By adopting cleaning flutes, SMTD can simultaneously complete "cleaning operation" and "simple measuring".By attaching SMTD to measuring machine, mechanical measuring becomes possible.When using SMTD in blind holes, it is necessary to check and compare "threaded length" and "thread length of SMTD".By using in parallel the check pins for bored hole size before tapping, you can realize consistent "Reliable Screw Threads".

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