Radius Mill TR4F type

    The new Type 15 insert added to our popular TR4F range
    The definitive type for rough machining even with large molds

    • POINT 1 Even with interrupted cutting … High chipping resistance
    • POINT 2 Even with wall face processing … Prevents scraping
    • POINT 3 Even within chips … Minimized biting risk


    Feature & Applications

    Issue 1  Although high-feed cutting is performed for shaping, resulting severe chip clogging and biting may reduce shaping efficiency

    Proposed solutions

    ● Adopts new body shape to enhance chip removal. Suppresses chip clogging, even when cutting long overhangs.

    Point > Cutting edge designed to control chip flow

    ●Optimizes cutting edge design to achieve smooth chip removal flow; keeps chips away from wall surfaces.

    Suppresses clogging from the time chip generation starts.


    Issue 2 New equipment installed to improve the efficiency of the roughing process.
    The goal is to reduce machining times with high-feed cutting. But higher feed rates reduce tool life and keep the machine from delivering its full potential.

    Proposed solutions

    ●Developed a unique insert shape. Performs stable machining despite large cutting load generated during high-feed cutting with large cross-sectional and constraint areas.
    ●Adopts unique unequal pitch method to reduce chattering during cutting.

    Point > Meets the requirements of various applications and steel types.

    ●The unique cross-sectional shape and cutting edge design of a single insert meets the needs of a wide range of cutting modes.
    ●Diverse lineup of insert grades to meet the demands posed by a wide range of work materials


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