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    AJ Coating series

      • Features of AJ Coating series

    ・Employs an AlTi layer with a new composition created by increasing the Al content of conventional layers.
    ・Excellent wear resistance, chipping resistance, and heat resistance!

    • New technology!!

    ・The new layer with high Al content employs a new composition and optimizes the crystal structure to improve wear resistance and chipping resistance!
    ・Employs a low-friction-effect coating with excellent welding resistance as the top-most surface layer. This reduces welding to the work and decreases cutting force!




    Radius Mill TD4N type

    Lineup expanded with insert for high-hardness materials


    Features 1 Reduces uncut remnants on work pieces

    The cutting edge shape was reviewed for TD4N so that uncut remnants are reduced.
    This enables the load on the next process to be reduced by up to 40%compared to
    conventional products.

    ● Since it is difficult to create tool shape definitions in CAM for the complicated cutting edge shapes of high-feed tools, in many cases the tools are used with the definition for a simple R radius tool. The differences between this definition and the actual tool shape result in uncut remnants that cannot be checked on CAM and become more work for the next process.

    Features 2 Economical 4-corner inserts with chip breakers for various applications

    ●By making it possible to use both the front and back sides of inserts, 4 corners can be used. The inserts are provided with a large rake angle which exhibits an excellent cutting force reduction effect even when compared to general positive-shape inserts.





    ⦿Features of insert breaker

    C breaker

    Corresponds to our general high-feed-type inserts (EDNW, EPNW,
    WDNW, SDNW), and is resistant to chip jamming, vibrations, and crater wear.

    B breaker

    Enables reduced cutting force when cutting work materials such as
    stainless steels, etc. that require free-cutting performance.

    ⦿Features of insert for high-hardness materials

    High-precision G-class insert suppresses dispersion in tool life.
    Employs JP4105, a grade for high-hardness materials which provides long
    service life for machining 50HRC or harder matrials.


    Features 3 Large tip diameter for excellent handling       

    ●Compared to conventional high-feed tools, TD4N has a
    large tip diameter, which suppresses the generation of
    uncut remnants which easily occur on the bottom surface
    of machined areas. In addition, since the cutting width
    (ae) can be set to a large value, this is also effective for
    improving machining efficiency.

    Features 4 Excellent chip discharge characteristics

    ●Reduces the occurrence of sudden problems due to jamming of cutting chips. In addition, good chip removal makes it possible to further improve cutting performance.


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    Radius Mill TR4F type

    The new Type 15 insert added to our popular TR4F range
    The definitive type for rough machining even with large molds

    • POINT 1 Even with interrupted cutting … High chipping resistance
    • POINT 2 Even with wall face processing … Prevents scraping
    • POINT 3 Even within chips … Minimized biting risk

    Feature & Applications

    Issue 1  Although high-feed cutting is performed for shaping, resulting severe chip clogging and biting may reduce shaping efficiency

    Proposed solutions

    ● Adopts new body shape to enhance chip removal. Suppresses chip clogging, even when cutting long overhangs.

    Point > Cutting edge designed to control chip flow

    ●Optimizes cutting edge design to achieve smooth chip removal flow; keeps chips away from wall surfaces.

    Suppresses clogging from the time chip generation starts.


    Issue 2 New equipment installed to improve the efficiency of the roughing process.
    The goal is to reduce machining times with high-feed cutting. But higher feed rates reduce tool life and keep the machine from delivering its full potential.

    Proposed solutions

    ●Developed a unique insert shape. Performs stable machining despite large cutting load generated during high-feed cutting with large cross-sectional and constraint areas.
    ●Adopts unique unequal pitch method to reduce chattering during cutting.

    Point > Meets the requirements of various applications and steel types.

    ●The unique cross-sectional shape and cutting edge design of a single insert meets the needs of a wide range of cutting modes.
    ●Diverse lineup of insert grades to meet the demands posed by a wide range of work materials


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    Radius Mill TD6N type

    • Unique R-shaped cutting edge has evolved to realize further high- efficiency machining.
    • Resolves issues in various applications.


    Feature & Applications


    Issue 1  In high-feed cutting, sudden tool breakage occurs due to the shape and machining section of work-piece. If the cutting condition is lowered, machining time should be longer.

    Proposed solutions

    ● The unique R-shaped cutting edge enables milling with a constant cutting thickness regardless of the machining section, such as face milling and die-sinking. Therefore, it can work under constant machining conditions in various shapes and sections.

    ■ R-shaped cutting edge








    Issue 2  Machining of the cast surface with uneven machining allowance should be interrupted cutting, so it is apt to cause tool breakage.

    Proposed solutions

    ● The high strength insert design and high toughness material control sudden tool breakage due to interrupted cutting etc




     Issue 3 In case machine is old, the feed rate is low and could not machine efficiently.

    Proposed solutions

    ● For machines with limited feed-rate, the machining path and time could be shortened by using high depth type insert.



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