• ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper-Mitutoyo

    ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper-Mitutoyo

    • ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear encoder
    system is introduced (except for 0 – 300mm/0 – 12”
    • New ergonomic design with finger rest.
    • The ZERO/ABS button allows the display to be Zero-Set
    at any slider position along the scale for comparison
    measurements. This button will also allow return to the
    absolute (ABS) mode and display of the true position
    from the origin (usually jaws closed point).

    • Large and clear LCD readout.
    • Smooth slider movement makes for comfortable operation.
    • 18,000 hours battery life.
    • Allows step measurement.
    • Carbide-tipped jaw calipers are optimal for rough finished
    parts, castings, grinding stones, etc.
    • Allows integration into statistical process control and
    measurement systems for models with measurement data
    output connector. Refer to page A-002.